Neighborhood Services Staff

         Dedicated to improving the community by supporting individuals and strengthening communities.

Executive Director

Kari Stanley, MBA   717.392.2175 x226

Custodial & Agency Bookkeeper

Lily DeJesus and Joy Lane

Guardianship Case Managers

                                         Greg Harper 717.392.2175 x 216                                           Nationally Certified Guardian

                                         Jessica Burton   717.392.2175 x 211                                         Nationally Certified Guardian 

           Lori Crummel 717.392.2175 x 207

Representative Payee Case Managers

Danielle Ciardelli       717.392.2175 x 209

Marlene Sierra 717.392.2175 x 225

Program Aides

Kermit Goode

Paul Gable

Visitation Aides

Kathy Hummel