Imagine- you live alone, you have no family, no friends and you suddenly have a medical emergency- a stroke, an accident, and your mental capacity has been diminished.  You can no longer cook or clean, let alone pay your bills. You are living in waste and have no one to help you. How much longer could you survive!  That is where Neighborhood Services comes in.  We are there for individuals who have NO ONE else to help them.  We take care of finances and medical decisions and most importantly, we ensure individuals are SAFE.

Neighborhood Services of Lancaster is a social service agency providing Guardianship, Organizational Representative Payee and Permanent Supportive Housing. Our programs improve the daily quality of like for individuals throughout the Susquehanna Valley- with clients throughout 13 different counties!! The individuals we advocate for and care about are survivors of poverty who struggle daily with the stigma of mental health, intellectual disabilities and/or addiction.

Neighborhood Services is a huge advocate for individuals with no voice.  

Thank you for your consideration, your gift will give much HOPE to the community we serve.