About Us

Serving the overlooked.
Serving the overlooked.

Neighborhood Services of Lancaster improves the daily quality of life for people and helps people with limited resources reach their full potential.   Our clients may live in poverty, have documented mental health issues, lack sufficient job skills or training , are elderly and incapacitated.

Neighborhood Services is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation, dedicated to serving persons in need of protection and supports programs that empower neighborhoods and individuals throughout the Susquehanna Valley and beyond.  Neighborhood Services of Lancaster currently has contracts for service with Dauphin, Lancaster and York Counties Offices of Aging as well as the 18-59 years of age population.

The Agency was founded in 1964 as a coordination and referral program with the Redevelopment Authority of Lancaster City. In 1981, the Representative Payee Program started with the Social Security Administration. In 1989 Neighborhood Services began offering Guardianship protective services to persons who are wards of the State because of diminished mental capacity, requiring someone to make decisions for them, as stipulated by a court order. Neighborhood Services serves the community in a number of areas. Protection is provided through our Guardianship and Representative Payee Programs.

Our clients are members of your community. Join us in strengthening your neighborhood.