From Chief Executive Officer

I hope each of you take the time to go to   Some of you will recognize the story immediately and know why I sent the link to you.. Some I am sharing because you are staff or an agency that is associated with Neighborhood Services. This is a Guardianship Story and a Representative Payee story that has been successful beyond belief.  Enjoy!

Please understand this is just the tip of the iceberg regarding this extraordinary story…. Intro… Mom has been taken to the hospital (she is 86) and is not responsive… we (Neighborhood Services) are asked to act as Guardian…. Then we are informed there are three very vulnerable, mentally challenged members of the family( son, daughter and granddaughter)  still in the home.  Discovery is they have had the electric shut off… are eating spoiled food … have no septic system, bathroom facilities, and so much more.

The myriad of services needed to accomplish this success were truly a collaboration of agencies.  First and foremost it was imperative to me to keep this family together!  Searching for answers led me to LHOP and their help in getting a loan to place a gently used mobile home on property they(the family) owned complete with a septic system.  Impact Mission was truly a blessing for making the placement of the home and septic system as well as other volunteers and agencies and agency staff.

The family now has a safe residence and a cohesive plan for their care.  To the many who have helped make this a success I applaud all you have done… Thank you..

Kay Knight (CEO)


Neighborhood Services – Lancaster, Pennsylvania